Custom Suits FAQ

Questions we are often asked about with Custom Suits:

  • What creates a quality suit?  The actual material is a big step in a custom suit, using top quality material is important.  A custom suit will wear well longer.  Often Canvas interlinings are used which allows the suit to shape around the owner.  A custom suit is also often a timeless style assuring that the investment lasts longer.
  • What is a custom suit?  A custom suit is not started until it is ordered to the specifications of the person wearing it for style and dimensions.  A custom suit will be adjusted for shoulder and posture, will be cut one at a time, and fitted to check for accuracy.
  • Why consider a custom suit?  The biggest advantage would include; fit, selection, professional service, and quality.  A custom suit will flatter the individual with styles that are suited to their personal tastes, shape, and needs.  There is also a broader range of fabrics to select from, different details that one can control, and a design that will suit their own tastes.
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