Most Common Wedding Dress Alterations

COVID might put you in a situation of postponing your wedding date, which could result in making a few changes in your dress.  

We wanted to share some common wedding dress alterations:

The most common alteration is the length of the hem.  Manufacturers automatically design dresses for taller people, as you can't add to the dress so it is common that dresses need to be hemmed.  The hem can be customed to your style of shoes and the style of the dress.

It is important to talk to your dress sho[ about the alteration options for the style of the dress.  We often do alterations for the waist and hip areas.  It is better to order a dress that would need to be taken in as adding material to these areas will show.

Another more custom area is the chest.  Dress manufacturers are usually very generous in this area and most styles can be custom to make it more fitting for your figure.

Is your gown a zipper close but you really desired a line of buttons or a corset back?  This could be done for you if you wish for a different look for your back.

Special alterations can take place as well, this might need to be talked about if your wedding is postponed into the fall or winter months.  You might desire to add sleeves or adding a fuller him or adding lace to the train or even making a train shorter or longer

Along with adding sleeves, it might look good to change the back.  You could build a lace back for a strapless dress or maybe you want it more open with less material.  Bring in some pictures of your desires and we can give you different options.

If you have a strapless you might want to consider a waist stay which is an elastic band that goes inside the dress and keeps the dress in the right place and prevents the gown from sliding down.  This will mean no more yanking a strapless dress up.

You selected your dress because of its beauty and we want to help you be sure that you are also comfortable in the dress.  Make sure to allow at least 2 months for alterations, more time might be needed depending on the type of alterations, but we are happy to make sure that you look amazing.

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