Save Money On Wedding Dress Alterations

We have listed some tips on how to save money with your wedding dress alterations:

  • Buy a dress that is not larger than one size in the chest and the waist.  Do not buy a dress that is too small, as there may not have enough seam allowances to be let out. 
  • Buy a dress that is easy to hem:  where lace applique on the bottom can be removed and reapplied.  Hemming a dress at the waist is more complex and more expensive. 
  • Shorter trains need less points to be bustled, therefore the cost of bustle will be cheaper.
  • The alterations on lace dresses is more time-consuming.
  • A beaded dress will also cost more to be altered.
  • Dresses with long sleeves often need more alterations.
  • Before buying any bridal undergarments ask your seamstress for suggestions.  Many corset strapless gowns have a built-in corset and have enough support to be worn with just a bra cups sewn in.
  • Do not buy a dress with the thought that you want to restyle. Restyling is more time-consuming than alterations.
  • Silk dresses are more difficult to work with and alterations will cost more.  Silk fabric might also shrink after pressing or steaming.

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