Stress Free Wedding Dress Alterations

Some tips to create a great alteration experience for a wedding dress:
  • Start your alterations EARLY, book your first appointment 5-6 months before the wedding.  Request that your dress be finished at least a month before the wedding.
  • Have confidence in the seamstress.  Trust is important. Check the reviews for those you don't already have a relationship or have had experience working on projects.
  • If possible try to get your dress altered between October and March.  Most seamstresses are less busy during this time.  
  • Present your preferences to the seamstress and ask plenty of questions.  Communication is important.  Listen to all her professional advice.  She alters dozens, if not hundreds, of dresses each year, and most likely, has a great deal of knowledge in alterations. 
  • Consider the seamstress advice on the best fitting undergarments for your dress and bring them to all the fittings.  
  •  Don't change your underwear options as it will change the entire alterations process.  They can affect the measurements of your dress, which may result in changing the fit of your dress and additional alterations.  Never change your shoe heel height after your dress is hemmed.
  • Don't rush your seamstress with your alterations, the more time she spends working on your dress, the better results she will be able to give you. And remember the more fittings, the least chance for any errors.  
  • Be flexible and understanding. Trust your seamstress to make the best choices to accommodate your desires.
  • Don't go on a DIET months before your wedding. Try to avoid loosing or gaining any weight during the alteration process.  This will result in last-minute alterations

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