Why You Need a Made to Measure Custom Suit in Your Closet

We often hear, “What's the difference between an off-the-rack suit and a custom suit?” Here are the top ten reasons why a made to measure suit is a must-have:

What’s an Off-the-Rack Suit?

An off-the-rack suit is mass-produced and available for immediate purchase. While it’s convenient and often cheaper, it comes in standard sizes and offers no customization, which might not suit everyone perfectly.

What’s an Off-the-Rack Suit?

Top TEN Reasons Custom Suits Beat Off-the-Rack

  1. Perfect Fit

At Carmel Tailoring, we make suits to your exact measurements and style. A Made to measure custom suit flatters your physique, making you look taller and leaner. No more altering off-the-rack suits—get a perfect fit from the start.

Perfect Fit
  1. One of a Kind

A custom suit is exclusive. Choose from thousands of fabrics, explore colors, weights, and blends (Wool, linen, silk, cashmere and etc), and consider your events and preferences. This ensures your suit is truly one of a kind.

One of a Kind
  1. Longevity

Custom suits last longer because they’re made with high-quality fabrics and precise measurements. Ill-fitting off-the-rack suits can wear out quickly, but a Made to measure custom suit withstands the test of time.

  1. Full Customization

The Carmel Tailoring experience allows you to personalize every aspect of your suit. Let your personality shine through with options like:

  • Belt loops/side adjusters
  • Pick stitching
  • Custom monogram
  • Contrast felt
  • Floral/paisley lining
  • Slanted pockets/ straight pockets
  • Standard waist/ Adjustable waist

Clients love selecting their lining and adding custom monograms, especially for special occasions like weddings.

Full Customization
  1. Mix-and-Match Flexibility

Custom suits are versatile. You can mix and match pieces for different looks or choose unique patterns and colors for each piece. For instance, you might opt for a three-piece suit with a vest in a different color or pattern, adding depth and variety to your wardrobe. This flexibility ensures you always look stylish and coordinated.

Mix-and-Match Flexibility
  1. Personal Style

Avoid the awkwardness of wearing the same suit as someone else at an event. A custom suit reflects your personal style, making you stand out in any crowd. At Carmel Tailoring, we work with you to design a suit that matches your style preferences, whether you prefer classic, modern, or trendy designs.

Personal Style
  1. Attention to Detail

Custom suits are made with meticulous attention to detail. Every element, from the shoulders to the seams, is crafted to perfection, ensuring a flawless finish. The small details, like perfectly fitted shoulders or precisely stitched buttonholes, make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your suit.

Attention to Detail
  1. Feel Like a Million Bucks

A well-fitted custom suit boosts your confidence and helps you make a lasting impression, whether at an interview or a big presentation. These garments are designed to flatter your figure, making you feel and look your best. Imagine walking into a room knowing you look sharp and sophisticated in a suit tailored just for you.

Feel Like a Million Bucks
  1. Adjustable Over Time

Custom suits can be adjusted to accommodate changes in your body shape, ensuring a perfect fit for years to come. This flexibility means that even if you gain or lose weight, your suit can be altered to fit you perfectly, providing long-term value for your investment.

Adjustable Over Time
  1. Cost-Effective

A custom suit isn’t just for the elite. At Carmel Tailoring, our two-piece tailored suits start at $1250. Off-the-rack suits from American companies can range from $800 to $2,000, making custom suits a smart investment.


Ready to Go Custom?

At Carmel Tailoring & Fine Clothier, we create custom suits starting at just $1250, crafted within 4-6 weeks. Our process involves selecting the perfect fabric, customizing every detail, and ensuring a perfect fit. Book your appointment today and discover the difference of a Made-to-Measure bespoke suit!


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